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How to shop at Aston Villa Direct

One of the most important pages on the Megastore is the product details page. This page gives you further information about the product you are interested in. From here you can see the product in more detail, get further information about it, view the available sizes and of course add it to your basket.

Description – Most of the products on the site have a description detailing information about the product.

Product Image – All products on our site have a picture of them so you can see the product you wish to buy – most products also have a Zoom image too. This is a large image (it may take a minute to download on slower connections) that displays a larger, more detailed image of the product, allowing you to get a real feel for the quality and style.

Availability – Most of our items are ready for delivery from stock. If the product is not currently in stock, the date it is expected to be back in stock will be shown here, alternatively some of our items will have to be ordered specially and the number of days you should allow for delivery will be stated. We can occasionally offer products as a to pre-order before they are available in the shops. The availability will be the date that we are allowed to ship the product out to you – usually this is the day before the product is released in the shops, thus you will receive the item on the morning of the first day of sale!

Available Sizes – The sizes available for this item (if applicable) are listed in a list box – simply select the size of the item you require. Depending on the size chosen the price may change – this is normally due to the item being changed from a Childs size (which is charged at 0% VAT in the UK) to an adult’s size or vice versa.

Add to Basket – Clicking this button performs the obvious task of adding the item to your basket. Before you do this make sure you have selected the appropriate size!

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