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Security Concerns

Aston Villa Direct is committed to ensuring that our customers have no security problems with the Aston Villa Direct website. Our research, however, has discovered one potential problem that our customers should be aware of. This is not a problem with the Aston Villa Direct web site and will affect all web sites that use VeriSign Security, but only users with Netscape Communicator versions 4.05 and earlier and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 for Macintosh will be affected by this problem.

When you have added an item to your basket and started the purchase process, you are taken to the secure area of Aston Villa Direct(a small padlock will be displayed at the bottom of your browser to indicate this). If you are a user of one of the browsers listed above you may receive a message box stating ‘Certificate Authority Is Expired’. Aston Villa Direct’s secure certificate has not expired and the error is simply a user interface error – there will be no problem with the actual security of the site or the encryption of your data.

It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest version available by using the links below. If you do not wish to download the latest browser you can simply click ‘continue’ when you see the message ‘Certificate Authority Is Expired’. As mentioned above the SSL session that secures your transaction with our site is not affected – your data will still be encrypted. You can avoid the dialog box in the future by upgrading your browser.

It is always advisable that you use the most secure web browser available to you – below are links to the main browser vendors where you can download or obtain the latest versions:

Microsoft Internet for the PC:

Microsoft Internet for the Macintosh:

Netscape Navigator:

If you need any further help with this please email us at [email protected], or visit the help section to read more about Security on the Aston Villa Direct website. Or visit the Verisign website at

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